English Premiership and Soccer

Liverpool FC Official Website

Enjoy all your favorite Football (English Football, mate – soccer) games
on TV. All major events covered. As time passes (yes – under construction) we
will provide a full listing of the channels available and a schedule of upcoming,
important matches. Those that made it here for Euro 2004 and World Cup 2006 know how exciting and fun
it can be to watch the matches with an energetic and knowledgeable crowd.

We carry:


Believe it or not, the Colonies have their own Football teams.
It would seem that a bunch of DC United fans have adopted the Pub. When possible, we will carry the banner and show their games. Occasionally, we might even open early!

Other TV

Currently, we carry CNN Headline News on at least one screen most of the day (unless

an “approved” request is made) and a smattering of other sports in the downstairs
bar. Feel free to request something, if no one objects (an “approved request”) we’ll
be glad to change the channel.

For the General Assembly of Virginia – we are working on carrying the live
broadcasts, so drop by during lunch or during “those times” and stay in touch!