Here you will find links to the brewers that provide our beer, some
fun places to shop for English Specialties, links to the Premiership Football
Clubs, and just fun places we’ve found on the web.

We are adding sites all the time, if you know of one we should include,
feel free to let us know!

Football – Soccer to the Yanks

Our Beers:

  • Bass Ale – The webmaster’s favorite and oldest trademark in the world
  • Boddingtons – “it’s a bit gorgeous!”
  • Guinness – need we say more?
  • Stella Artois – yep, the Belgiums make a non-wheat beer!
  • Harp Lager – as part of the Guinness Group, no website of their own – shame on them!
  • Fullers – the export is not bad – where’s the London Pride?
  • John Courage English Ale – has not website of their own! So sad. Good beer. Old school?
  • Belhaven Scottish Ale – North of Hadrian’s wall – a wonderful creamy dark beer
  • Old Speckled Hen – Wonderful beer, the site is down often, though

Useful Beer Links, for English beers:

Richmond, VA Resources
Misc. Desitination Resources
UK Stuff Online
The UK Online
Wifi Hotspot Directories
  • JiWire – A great listing of Wifi HotSpots – 25,000 in the US alone!
  • WiFiFreeSpot – State by state listing of only Free Hot Spots.
  • WiFinder – A growing list of Hot Spots around the world.
  • Wi-Fi Hot Spot List – Hot Spots in over 58 countries!
  • Coming Soon!