Christmas Hours 2014

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Happy Christmas from the O’Neills and all of us at Penny Lane. May your days be joyous and safe.

We will be open Christmas Eve until 7ish. Opening Christmas Day at 5pm, and opening at 7am for Boxing Day and EPL.

Merry Christmas!

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Today, June 12, starts the World Cup. And what a start. 1-1 at the half. Brazil, holding the record of scoring the most goals during previous World Cups, is responsible for both scores with an inglorious Own Goal to start things out. Ouch.

The Pub will be open for all live broadcasts. Basically, tomorrow through the 22nd, there will be a match every day at Noon, 3pm, and 6pm. This Saturday, there will be an additional match at 9pm. The 23rd to 26th, two matches at Noon and another two at 4pm. Then the Round of 16 begins. More news then!


Less than three weeks to the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup! Penny Lane Pub is Richmond’s home for the best football (soccer to you Yanks). We’ve been hosting Cup match gatherings since we opened, back in the 70s. This year is no exception. Open for all matches. Come cheer the US, England, or… Whoever.

More details as we get closer. Watch Twitter (@pennylanepub) for up to the minute details.




Join us for Champions League matches and enjoy drink specials plus a chance to win a foosball table (the one on the patio).

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Sunday, March 2, we will be open at 8am for the Cupbfinal between Sunderland and Man City.

English breakfastbwill be available.

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Dust off your Tam O’Shanter and wear it down to the Pub to celebrate Robbie Burns Day, January 25th. Fortunately, it’s a Saturday this year with a full Sunday to recover from remembering the life, times, and poetry of the Bard of Scotland.

Extra credit will be give to those who can quote from his poetry!

More information to come.


Come join us for our traditional Liverpool Kiss (the one in the glass, not the knock to the noggin) on New Years Eve. Fun, friends, pipers, and a good time for all!

For those still alive the next day, the Pub will be open New Years Day from 10am until 2pm-ish for Premiership and other football (soccer for the Yanks) matches.

Have a Safe and Happy New Year!


Join us around 11:30pm on October 30th (depending on when the play at the Landmark ends), the cast from “War Horse” will do a reading of “The Weir”, a ghost story set in… a Pub! “A publican and three of his regulars attempt to spook a newcomer from Dublin but end up themselves frightened.”

Come early, stay late, enjoy some real pros treating us to an early Halloween delight.


We will be opening a bit earlier than normal for the 10am Premiership fixtures. Come join us for Everton v West Brom, Hull v Norwich, Newcastle (great beer) v West Ham, Southampton v Sunderland, or Stoke v Crystal Palace. Following these matches will be Aston Villa v Liverpool at 12:30.

The Pub

The new season is upon us! Join us Saturday, August 17th for the new season of real football – The Premiership is back.

7:45 am – Liverpool versus Stoke City

10:00 am – Westham versus Cardiff or Norwich versus Everton

12:30 pm – Swansea versus Man U

Anglish breakfast will be served. Doors open at 7:30am and we’ll be open until 2am. Come early, cheer often!