Less than three weeks to the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup! Penny Lane Pub is Richmond’s home for the best football (soccer to you Yanks). We’ve been hosting Cup match gatherings since we opened, back in the 70s. This year is no exception. Open for all matches. Come cheer the US, England, or… Whoever.

More details as we get closer. Watch Twitter (@pennylanepub) for up to the minute details.




6 Responses to “2014 World Cup at the Pub”

  1. Tom Grant Says:

    Will you be open past 3pm on any Sunday if there is a World Cup match being televised after your normal clsoing hour? Thanks,

  2. ThePub Says:

    We will be open for all the World Cup matches.

  3. Fabrice Says:

    Will we still be served if we cheer for France?

  4. ThePub Says:

    Of course. We are equal opportunity when it comes to fans. We’ve even served Man U fans.

  5. Kaye Says:

    Where is best parking?

  6. ThePub Says:

    On street parking is hard to come by during the day, and only good for 2 hours. There is a parking deck across 5th Street from the Pub, $2.50/hour and they only take cash.

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