We will be opening at 8am Sunday morning (December 30) for the Chelsea game and staying open through the Liverpool match at 11am. Join Chelsea Joe for the excitement and our famous English Breakfast!

Join us December 31st for English New Years (7pm Eastern). Plus, our usual revelry for East Coast New Years. Get your Liverpool Kiss!

Tuesday, Jan 1, the Pub will be closed to recover from the night before. Opening Wednesday as normal.

Happy New Year!


3 Responses to “New Years Eve Eve, New Years Eve, and New Years Day”

  1. Tim Beasley Says:

    Hi -Yo! I was ‘John Lennon” for PLP’S 20th anniversary (7th Street)celebration, and want to suggest regular performances as my ‘British Invasion” shows…I also perform nationally as ‘Rod Stewart, Tom Jones, Peter Sellers, Austin Powers,Mr. Bean”

    See them all at http://www.vegastributes.com

  2. Mark Says:

    I assume you will be open at 8:30 this Sunday for Liverpool vs. United?

  3. ThePub Says:

    We will be open the 13th and 20th!

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