We’ll be open Friday as normal (lunch, dinner, and pub hours). Saturday we’re opening at 10am for the Liverpool game and staying open until normal close.

Sunday, we’ll be closed.

If you’re interested in watching the Rugby World Cup games, please let us know ahead of time!

Enjoy the weekend!


6 Responses to “September 9-11 Hours”

  1. Hamdinger Says:

    See you on Saturday at 9:55. Serving Breakfast?

  2. ThePub Says:

    I’m checking on it. Personally, I hope so!

  3. ThePub Says:

    It’s official. Breakfast will be served for the game. Lunch after.

  4. patrick hamdinger Says:

    5 of us for breakfast. Only one man.u fan.
    See you there.!!!!!

  5. Stout Says:

    Will the pub open early on Sunday 9/18 for the Liverpool/Spurs game?

  6. ThePub Says:

    Yes! We’ll be open for Liverpool at 8am and will stay open through the Chelsea/Man U game.

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