For all the Ruggers and supporters of the… game. Yeah, the game. We’ll be showing the World Cup Games as they’re broadcast (and rebroadcast thanks to NBC Sports) during normal opening hours. We will be playing by ear games outside our normal hours (and announcing them here). For example, should the Eagles make it out of the round robins, oh, yes! We will be open!

Stay tuned for schedule announcements.



10 Responses to “2011 Rugby World Cup”

  1. Chris Says:

    Just wanted to know what rugby world cup games you are showing

  2. ThePub Says:

    If the Pub is open and a game is on, all you have to do is request a TV be tuned to it.

  3. Wil Says:

    Will you be showing the quarterfinals this weekend? It might be slightly outside of your hours?

  4. ThePub Says:

    Two of the games begin at 1am (Friday and Saturday night). You can watch the first hour of each, but then the Pub has to close.

  5. Andy Keast Says:

    Really hoping you will be open for the semi finals and finals of the Rugby next weekend and on the 23rd Oct? Please let me know as we have a few guys coming in from south america hoping to catch the game.

  6. ThePub Says:

    Unfortunately, the live broadcast of the semis is at 4am local time. The Pub will have been closed for two hours and not opening for several more (or staff has to sleep sometime!). The finals are at 3:30am, same issue. If you know if they’re being rebroadcast later, we’ll see what we can do.

  7. John Says:

    Any chance you can record the quarter and semi finals and rebroadcast them later on Sat ?

  8. Rob Poulton Says:

    I would love to see the Semi-Finals Oct 15 & 16, and Finals (3rd Place on Oct 21, FINAL on Oct 23) if I can find out when you will show them.
    Can you record them at 4am and show them later?

  9. ThePub Says:

    Unfortunately, we’re stuck watching videos from the Net. Too big a soccer weekend this weekend (with Liverpool/Man U). If someone has a laptop with HDMI and we can find a good HD vid of the matches, we can set up a time to watch them! I’m definitely in.

  10. Rob Poulton Says:

    well, did anyone come up with a time and a system for the Semi-Finals?

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